Mad Rabbit Low Resistance Wire

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Mad Rabbit Low Resistance Wire

20ft of annealed stainless steel wire.

  • Low Resistance wire is perfect for rebuilding your atomizer and especially good for sub ohm coil builds.
  • It has lower resistance per length than kanthal, which means it will heat up noticeably faster and is a preferred alternative to kanthal for this reason for many cloud chasers.

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  • 5
    great wire

    Posted by WickedTwistedBuilds on Jun 8th 2016

    This is some really good wire. Lower resistance than standard Nichrome or kanthal and it's quite pliable and very easy to work with. In my opinion this wire is better than the other "competition" wires i have tried (anarchist, Royal, Gplatt). I am running a dual 6 wrap 26g MR/34g ni80 alien build in one of my attys and a dual 6 wrap 5 ply framed staple build with MR frames in another. Noticeable decrease in ramp up time and resistance. my new favorite wire!

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    Grade A Wire!!!

    Posted by Jared on May 23rd 2016

    This wire was simple to work with and out performs any of the kanthol I've ever used!

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    Best wire I've ever used

    Posted by Zacl on Mar 6th 2016

    The title says it all. This wire is so easy to build with and works so well with various devices.

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    Excellent Wire

    Posted by Diesel Dave on Mar 3rd 2016

    I ordered some 22g Mad Rabbit Wire and received it very quickly after ordering. I started off with a 7 wrap, 3mm ID build, checked the resistance before tossing it on my parallel box. 7 wraps, 3mm ID gave me an ohm reading of .09. Tossed it on my unregulated box, great vape, lights up pretty quickly. Second build with it was a 9 wrap, spaced build, 3mm ID, it gave me an ohm reading of .11 at room temp, and .13 while firing and settling back to .11 when room temp. I will order more, but probably in 24 or 26g.

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    Posted by Unknown on Jan 14th 2016

    Mad rabbit wire is very good quality and low low resistance,just what i was looking for. I highly recommend.

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    Great Wire

    Posted by Josh on Dec 24th 2015

    I have been using mad rabbit for awhile now. I started with A1 Kantal to Godzilla Wire but when I tried Mad Rabbit it was a league of it own. I wont use nothing else for my builds. I personally found that 22g was the best medium for what I wanted.

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    Mad Rabbit wire is fantastic!!!

    Posted by Ryan on Dec 14th 2015

    Ive used other wire but this by far is the best ive owned!! It forms coils well and fires quickly!!! Vaping is so much better!!!

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    Best wire ever

    Posted by Mike on Oct 17th 2015

    Simply the best wire I have ever used. To elaborate, this wire is perfect for surface area and low ohm builds.

    When pulsing regular kanthal wire, you get an acrid, metallic, awful scent. You have to wonder how good something like that can be for your body.

    Wind quickly pulsing the mad rabbit wire, the smell I got was actually really good. Not to sound weird, but I smelled something sweet coming from the wire. That is a sign that is high quality I would assume.

    A lot of other stainless steel wires are almost impossible to wrap without breaking your fingers. Whatever they do to their wire, it makes it extremely easy to read coils. 20 gauge has never been so easy to wrap.

    The flavor you get from this wire is unparalleled. The price is expensive compared to kanthal, but well worth it. Good job.

  • 4

    Posted by Zereous Excentris on Sep 7th 2015

    There is some good wire here but it would be cool if you put a little of your cotton in these.. enough to make a few coils work out.. like a sample pack of cotton with this wire to go with it.. because I can buy this stuff.. I am sure its the same stuff for like.. 4 bux..