CCI Stranger Danger Line!

Posted by Kurt Loeblich on Jul 1st 2015

On July 10th, at 5:30 PM CST, we will be releasing the first flavor in our new "CCI Stranger Danger" line.  This flavor, The Shady Lurker, is a strawberry candy flavor with a light lemon twist!  It will only be offered in those glorious 60ml bottles we have all come to love (seriously, the best decision I have ever made regarding e-liquid is deciding to pick up the 60ml bottles.  They are fantastic).

That being said, we will be giving away a pair of Shady Lurker sunglasses with the first 1000 bottles sold.  These glasses will never be made again, so I'd suggest you start "lurking" on the website once we get close to the launch time.  They're going to fast!

We are also planning to have a fun contest regarding The Shady Lurker, so make sure you have your bottle and camera handy!  You're going to need them!

As always, keep an eye on your e-mail and the various social media pages.  We have so many more great products coming out in the next month.

Kurt Loeblich
Cloud Chasers Inc.