30mm Triforce SubOhm Tank by Cloud Chasers Inc.

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Introducing the 30mm Triforce SubOhm Tank by Cloud Chasers Inc!


Airflow Control
Copper Positive Pin (extends beyond 510 to prevent shorting with Hybrid Mods)
Top-Fill and Bottom Fill Design
Pyrex Tank
Spacer to prevent heat transfer to mod
Prebuilt Vertical Coils
Capacity of 12ml

Included in package:

One CCI Triforce SubOhm Tank

One Delrin Wide Bore Top Cap

One Ni200 Coil

One .2ohm Kanthal Coil (up to 130 watts)

Spare Parts

WARNING: This device is solely for  advanced users only! This device should not be used by anyone without adequate knowledge on safe battery limitations. To prevent venting ensure your batteries are facing correctly and never discharge completely.

-Do not overdischarge/overcharge 
-Recharge drained batteries ASAP 
-Do not short circuit 
-Do not dispose of in fire 
-Do not expose to extreme heat or water 
-Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase.

By purchasing you agree that Cloud Chasers Inc assumes no responsibilities for damages resulting from the use of this product.

Keep out of reach of children

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    Posted by Mike on Jan 9th 2017

    In my previous review, I'd stated that the unit shipped with 2 - .2ohm coils. This is incorrect. It ships with 1 - Ni200 coil (which I've not used), and 1 - .2ohm coil (the second of which, I'd purchased locally). Secondly... this website specifies that the .2ohm coil is rated up to 130 watts. I'm quite certain the coil itself specified 100. Regardless of whether it's rated at 100 or 130... it started feeding me cotton smoke at 80 watts and burned out in a couple of days, so, do with that what you will.

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    Perhaps the best made tank available... but...

    Posted by Mike on Jan 9th 2017

    First and foremost... the quality of construction is unsurpassed! This thing is built like... well... a tank! The "left-hand" thread design of the top cap was a stroke of genius! It completely eliminates the possibility of overtightening and unintentional disassembly of the tank. I've been able to get the drip tip warm, but not hot, and I've never encountered an atomizer with better airflow than this thing. "So, why only 4 stars?" you ask. Well... I was going to go with 3, but that would've been an injustice due to the fact that this is easily the highest quality tank I've had the pleasure of vaping on! The most significant prattfall is their coils. The unit ships with 2 of their .2ohm coils (since they only make 2 different coils... it's a mystery why they didn't include 1 of each so the customer can decide which one they want to buy when it comes time to replace). The first one lasted only 2 days. The second, only 2 1/2. As evidenced by the vast array of tanks I own/have owned, I DO know how to prime and "break in" new coils, so that excuse is automatically discredited. The .2 coil is rated up to 100 watts. I started tasting burnt cotton at 80, so I backed it down & ran it at 65-70 the whole time. The clouds were lush and satisfying, but the amount of flavor left me kinda limp. In comparison... I use a Limitless XL with a .15 coil @ 125 watts for my "breakfast blend", and a Smok TFV8 with their V8-T6 .2ohm coil @110 watts for my ADV. The V8-T6 gives me about 1 week before it burns out (which ain't nuthin' to brag about), but I'm well over a month on the coil in the XL. 2 days on a 5 dollar coil is pathetic, frustrating, and not up to par with the quality of the tank itself. A Ferrari is a masterfully constructed car... but if you had to replace the engine every couple o' days, I doubt they would sell! I've just begun my 3rd day with their .5ohm coil (which produces slightly better flavor and a slightly reduced cloud density), so maybe that's where the magic is. The .5 is rated up to 80 watts. Given the fragility of the .2ohm coil and my absolute loathing for the sensation a lung full of cotton smoke inflicts, I've been afraid to run it over 75 watts. I get satisfactory results @65-70. IMHO, the juice flow holes seem quite undersized, which could certainly lend itself to smoked cotton and reduced lifespan. One thing's for certain... it ain't a lack of airflow burnin' those coils! You could park a Greyhound in the airways on this thing! Beefed up coils running at higher wattages, could take better advantage of the immense airflow, and be a competition worthy cloud machine & get the flavor up where it needs to be. Next... though I love the reverse-thread top cap design... I HATE the fact that I can't put my resin drip tips on it! I would LOVE to see them (and ALL manufacturers) get away from the one piece top cap/drip tip thing! Vaping has become such a personalizable thing, the one piece cap/tip is simply out-dated and inconvenient. Finally... for the quality of construction, I believe the price point is about where it should be. However... I feel CCI should follow suit, and provide a replacement glass, gasket pack, and perhaps a rebuildable deck in their packaging like most other tank manufacturers do these days. An extra tip/cap would be a big plus also, given that replacement would be a hassle if something should happen (like stripping out those plastic reverse threads). At the end of the day... I could live without the replaceable drip tip and the lack of extras in the package... but the lack-luster fast-fry coils are enough to make me wanna throw the thing out the car window! If I ever find out they've redesigned their coils... I'll be first in line to buy 3 more of these tanks and tell everyone I know to buy them too!

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    Awesome Tank!

    Posted by Ric on Aug 28th 2016

    Love it. Best tank I have ever used.

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    Very Nice Tank

    Posted by Dale @ 3 Chics Vapor.... Haltom City, Texas on May 25th 2016

    The Triforce 30mm tank is a beast! Wonderful airflow, huge clouds, great taste and with the 12 mil capacity, I'm not having to fill up every hour or so.... I've always been a dripper, so this tank has to be great for me to use! Closest to dripping yet! Well worth the money, and the coils last longer than any I've used so far.

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    Posted by Yagwit on May 17th 2016

    You will NEVER find a more satisfying vape than Triforce 30mm. I'm a chain vaper, and no other tank can handle my vape style. The 12ml capacity is great. My other tanks are refilled every 15 minutes. CCI 30mm means no constant filling. The construction is solid. At 100watts the tank doesn't get too hot, doesn't error my device. The top cap stays cool as well. You won't have hot lips or a burning drip tip. I wish I could afford 4 more for my other flavors. Yes it washes, but I don't like breaking down anything, lol!

    The only mini-con is orings aren't available yet as a side purchase. I use peppermint eliquid. This particular DIY will eat any companies orings, but I gotta have super ice hit. You will probably be fine as my hubs have zero damage on fruit and bakery liquids.

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    Sweet Tank

    Posted by Chuck #CVM on Jan 27th 2016

    This is an awesome flavor and huge clouds .
    12 ml gets me through a work day .
    Fits great on my mods even my vaporshark !

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    The 30mm Triforce tank is solid.

    Posted by Tony P on Jan 23rd 2016

    Love the 30mm Triforce tank so far. The airflow is sick, flavor is good. The only thing I would like to see is lower resistance coils that could handle up to 150w. Maybe a .1 or .15 ohm coil would be awesome. The stock coils .2ohm are fine but can't handle much more than 100w. With all that airflow you need more power. Great tank, highly recommend!

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    Triforce GIANT

    Posted by Ken on Jan 14th 2016

    If your looking for a huge capacity tank look no more..The 30mm Triforce tank is great. The airflow is adjustable thank goodness...because on wide open it has way too much for me. Comes with a packet of extra O-Rings and such which is a major improvement over the original Trifecta I bought..love them both thoug..Dont hesitate to buy one..good stuff from CCI

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    It's the triforce with a camelback lol

    Posted by David T. Tolbert on Jan 14th 2016

    This tank is by far the absolute best tank on the market. IMO, no tank even comes close. I had the TFV4 and thought that it could not get any better.....then the trifecta/triforce came along.....now in 30mm!!! There is no other tank that I will use. Almost double the airflow of the original triforce and 12ml juice capacity!!! I'm done....thus is the tank to end all tanks!!

    The airflow, the flavor, if the make the uograde kit for this, you will have the ability to turn it into a dipper with the upgrade kit....OMG!!! I will standby and use any product thus company makes. Keep up the good work!!